In this episode, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Chris J. Snook welcomes to the podcast U.S. Marine and Chief Operating Officer at Troops Direct, Jake Jones. Chris and Jake talk about the call Jake felt to serve in the US military and the impact that had on his career. Jake expounds on the work he has done with Troops Direct and the passion he feels for this organization. Finally, Jake speaks to the importance of doing the right thing regardless of the personal and professional ramifications that may follow.



  • 01:06 – Introducing today’s guest, Jake Jones
  • 02:27 – Jake’s nontraditional path to the private sector
  • 04:27 – How the Eagle Scouts laid the foundation for Jake’s future business endeavors
  • 06:11 – The decision to join the military
  • 08:20 – Servant leadership
  • 08:51 – Jake reflects on some of the highs from his business journey
  • 10:25 – Jake’s experience in Special Ops
  • 11:40 – What attracted Jake to Troops Direct
  • 13:26 – Making the most with limited resources
  • 15:54 – Jake speaks to the gamut of equipment that Troops Direct provides
  • 19:29 – How troops find and contact Jake and his team at Troops Direct
  • 21:13 – What makes Troops Direct effective and agile
  • 23:15 – Quantifying the results
  • 24:30 – Lessons Jake has learned from failures
  • 28:49 – Jake talks about some successful events Troops Direct has held
  • 31:31 – Jake recalls a time when brutal honesty was necessary to find a solution
  • 33:25 – Building and expanding a network to the East Coast
  • 35:25 – Jake’s commitment to being a steward of donations made to Troops Direct
  • 37:33 – Doing what’s right
  • 38:51 – Where listeners can support Jake and the Troops Direct organization
  • 39:55 – Chris thanks Jake for joining the show



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