Order For Your Startup – Startup Drugz

We work with startups of all sizes to either brand current Startup Drugz products or create their very own branded gear and SWAG.

Brand Our Gear

If you are interested in adding your startup's logo to one of our tees or hoodies please contact us at max@startupdrugz.com. We can add your logo to either the lower center of the front or upper back. We require you to order at least 25 shirts for a specific design in order to add your logo to it. Costs vary based on the volume of shirts and the location of the logo.

Create Your Own Gear

We have access to over 900k different products! Brand the following awesome items:

If you are interested in branding any of the above items or are looking for a specific item to brand (we can't list all 900k!) please email us at max@startupdrugz.com to get started.

Volume Discounts

If you are looking to order a large number of shirts, posters or mugs for your startup please contact us at max@startupdrugz.com to discuss volume discounts.