About Startup Drugz

We founded Startup Drugz because we love the startup world. As entrepreneurs we know what it is really like to start a business and wanted to create a company that celebrated this craziness. We saw too many companies making gear that focused on motivational sayings and the glamorous side of startups. Unfortunately, starting a business is far from glamorous and you deal with a ton of shit that's no fun. Our gear focuses on this side of the startup world (while we do occasionally make a motivational posters or tee). We like to think that we bring humor and levity to what really goes into starting a business. If Startup Vitamins had an evil twin it would be us.

Startup Drugz was launched in early 2015 as a fun little side project, but thanks to Product Hunt it has become an instant hit and is now a rapidly growing brand. Since our inception we've sold thousands of tees and posters to incredible entrepreneurs, social media personalities, investors and startup enthusiasts around the world. We have a lot of exciting new products planned for the future, so stay tuned!

Our Manifesto

From day one, Startup Drugz has been about celebrating the kick-ass entrepreneurs who make this world a better place. The people who take huge risks and fail time after time, but continue to pick themselves up and push forward. The people who hear no every single day, but stay motivated and keep seeking out that one yes they know is out there. The people who haven't taken a day off in so long that they forget what it's like to not work 24/7. The people who don't just break the rules, they change the game for all of us. Our brand is about these people. We share their passion and use is as rocket fuel to create each tee and poster you see on our site.