A blog is one of the most popular marketing tools in current business plans across all industries.  Having a blog is essential for many reasons. This is a platform you can use to introduce new products, share exclusive content, highlight an industry trend, or share personal stories. 

Simply put, if you’ve still not ventured into this big opportunity, you’re surely missing out on a lot of things (and money!). It helps businesses develop a customer following as well as strengthen their relationship with the current ones as well. 

However, more than often, most small to medium-sized businesses are reluctant to maintain an online business blog due to various reasons. Some common ones  are:

  • They must devote time and resources for the same, which is, of course, a scarce resource already
  • They lack a specialized team who can write appealing, reader worthy blog content 
  • They lack the technical expertise to manage a business blog platform 
  • Starting a business blog is easy (if considered so), but ensuring its ongoing engagement with the target audiences is another task altogether.
  • Topics are not endless; they tend to get repetitive over time.
  • And the most important of all, traditional businesses were successful even without them! 

In spite of what may feel burdensome, it is a big miss to not invest at least a portion of your marketing efforts and budgets to this type of content creation.

Not only does a business blog give one a platform for businesses to reveal their business ideas and product ranges, but also help their loyal customer base show them their support and love, or on the contrary, help unhappy customers vent out their distress for business to solve. 

If you're not sure where to start, and you're still scratching your head about why the hell you even should, we've compiled a pretty hearty list of reasons:

  • It helps your business connect with the right audiences
  • First, the business blog fetches you the right type of audience for your product. Second, it helps you convey the right messages to them in no time. And lastly, a business blog can help you stay connected with them.  

  • A business blog is your virtual voice
  • Yes, you read that right! As a website can be your digital face, a business blog is no less than your virtual digital voice. This is the platform in which you can communicate your voice, tone, and personality all while reinforcing your products and services. Social media is great for relationship building, but the content is essential to become an "expert". 

  • Passive promotion all the time
  • Yes, direct advertisement works, but not all the time. Modern customers demand much more than the traditional modes of advertisement and marketing. A business blog can give you ample space and opportunities to indulge in the passive advertisement as and when you want. 

  • It helps you boost your website traffic
  • Websites are great, but business blogs are what makes them best. Dedicated business blogs that help you target the audiences in innovative ways and re-direct their interests to your official business website is bliss. Inserting hyperlinks in business blogs is one easy technique for doing the same. 

  •  A business blog helps build connections 
  • Audiences read business blogs and comment on them; good or bad. It helps you engage with your set of prospective customers who prefer businesses that are active in their responses, comments, reviews, etc. A crucial factor for business success in the coming years will undoubtedly be focusing greater energies towards building much better customer relationships. 

  • It helps businesses give ‘more’ to their customers
  • Be it the invention of the television, mobile phone, tablets, laptops, AI-driven gadgets, etc. the primary goal has been to deliver more to the customers. The idea is to offer them something which they did not have access to in the past or with any other device. The same holds true for a business blog; it gives ‘more’ freedom to customers, a better voice and a greater ability to know their brands up and close. 

  •  Increased Brand awareness is an obvious outcome
  • It is more than obvious that not all will have heard about your business service or product. And believe us, every customer is not in for an experiment while trying out a new brand each time. A business blog will help you bridge this gap between you and a prospective buyer who is just reluctant in taking his first step towards you. 

  • A business blog is more than just a piece of information or product review
  • A good business blog can be an amalgamation of businesses’ ideas, feelings, thoughts, opinions, and facts. Industry scenarios, changes in customer ideologies, technological interventions to industry, or many other issues can be attractively put to display in a well-written business blog. 

  • A business blog is a hidden gem for lead generation
  • ‘Lead generation’ is a recent buzzword which is eating up major budget shares of many brands. A well-maintained business blog is your ticket to success when it comes to creating 3x leads than a usual activity undertaken for the purpose. It grabs the attention of the readers more than the usual ways.  

    Have a Blog To Improve SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mandatory for authority online. Although this needs a lot of other activities as well, a business blog is often regarded as one of the best and the most effective ways to improve your SEO. In the long term, a regularly updated business blog can sort things out for your Google ranking eventually and gain awareness among online searchers. 

    The increasing importance of social media and maintaining a close connection with your current and prospective customer base is a testimony to the endless era of blogging. A business blog is indeed one of the major sources for increasing your mailing list, successful product promotions, displaying brand updates, showcasing upcoming trends, and whatnot. 

    Businesses (irrespective of their size or type) must, sooner than ever, realize the dire need for them to indulge in greater customer engagements which can be achieved via business blogs. If you are also one of them, wait no more and start your own business blog now!