Does your startup's growth rate relate to your team's courage? The short answer is yes. It doesn't take courage to stay small. It doesn't put anything at risks. Trolls don't bother with the small and insignificant. This is why growth (of the exponential, sustainable, and disruptive ilk) requires COURAGE. According to Webster’s Dictionary, courage is defined as "the ability to do something that frightens you" and to "display strength in the face of pain or grief."

Growth is what all entrepreneurs talk about achieving. They put it in pretty little graphs in slick pitch decks. They discuss the importance of it with passion during internal town hall meetings to rally the troops, yet rarely do I hear too many of those people discuss the role that COURAGE must play in that directive. Courage is what ensures that you grow the right way. Courage is what will be required as you grow and get whiplash from the myriad of decisions and opportunities that come at you as your success builds. 

We witness courage-in-action when we see people doing what’s right even when it's not easy. When we watch teams and individuals battle through uncommon adversities. When we quietly and powerfully hold our tongue, when our intentions are grossly misunderstood by the masses or used by trolls out of context to bait us into a fight as they gaslight our own prospective customer base against us with misinformation.

Courage is this thing that we aspire to have more of individually and organizationally. Courage is this attribute we have been conditioned to accumulate but the very reason we are “inspired” by those who seem to have it, is because they are operating “in spirit” and free from the constraints imposed by others on them.

The real truth about courage is much like any other potential or material thing we seek to accumulate, in order to desire something we must realize that it is already inside of us dying to be revealed. Desire literally comes from the Latin root de sidere which means "what the stars bring or give birth to". 

As the great early 20th-century philosopher Charles Haanel said in the Master Key System. Life is an unfoldment, not an accretion. In other words, the courage you seek is seeking you to reveal it in return, just like the exponential growth you seek for your startup is seeking you in return once you are courageous enough to receive it!