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Entrepreneurship is the ultimate proving ground for your mental toughness, your professional skill, personal development, and physical endurance and ability to resiliently handle abnormal quantities of stress, rejection, and being misunderstood.

Successful entrepreneurs ultimately relish in the daily challenge this provides them (even if they simultaneously feel like they hate it). Like all elite athletes or professional sports what makes the game of building your business so much fun is the fact that at times, it feels like everyone or everything is trying to stop you from getting your goal. It is similar to why many people love to watch or play team sports. 



Real talk with real entrepreneurs on their real tactics, struggles, stories, and lessons learned. Peer-to-Peer, naked conversations and no-hype. This podcast will take your day-in-day-out results up a level with each episode and have you addicted to your own new levels of potential being made into reality! Hosted by Chris J Snook.

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Adam on
Fully customizable.

So true and I love your tees!

Nick on

"You've gotta hustle and you must be willing to grind, but it all begins with taking care of your mind. Thanks for keeping our minds right @startupdrugz!"