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4 Ways To Stop Wasting Money With Online Advertising

4 Ways To Stop Wasting Money With Online Advertising

A guest post/dose from Danny DeMichele (Chairman at

You are all fired up to maximize the target rich environment of ad engines like Instagram, FB, etc and blow the quarterly projections off of your online business or brand. You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to build a data-driven yet customer-centric, marketing strategy to decrease cost per acquisition and gain a competitive advantage. You don't have a dime to waste unnecessarily.

If this is you read on…

“There is a universal Law of Compensation?” you ask?

Yes, there is. There are only three factors to earning the majority of the market share at any given time, and the Law of Compensation is governed as follows:

  1. The need for what you do,
  2. Your ability to fulfill that need consistently, and
  3. How difficult or easy is it to replace you.

Satisfied customers are not secure customers in tomorrow’s marketplace, and you are vulnerable because of the false sense of security you feel as it relates to number three in this law.



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