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Guest Author Jonathan Aymin is a Startup Drugz community member, an entrepreneur, and the host of the Aymin Audio Experience podcast.

In today's podcast, I interview author, investor, and serial entrepreneur Chris J. Snook, owner of Startup Drugz and Launch Haus.  He talks entrepreneurship, being pragmatic, the road to nowhere, and sheds a lot of light on the mindset behind being a business owner and living a life of fulfillment that very few on the planet will ever unlock. This episode will not only inspire you, but it will calm you down, speed you up, and leave you asking and answering some important questions that will make your journey more meaningful, more fulfilling, and more impactful. 

This weekend we celebrate, salute, and honor the most courageous of us all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to allow the rest of us the opportunity to pursue our goals and dreams freely.

We all want and need more courage at times in our life or business and many may struggle from time to time with how to unlock more of it. This 2-minute clip below is from a recent interview I gave to a group of wealth managers and entrepreneurs in Steve Musielski's network. 

To all the seniors in High School, College, or Graduate School who are graduating this month, I sincerely congratulate you on this milestone. Most of you are between the ages of 18-24 and are both excited, hopefully optimistic, and a little bit stressed about what to do next. The 11 questions below and the included 'recommended reading list', will give you massive momentum in business, life, and whatever is next for you.

I distinctly remember some of the questions that were at the top of my mind the week leading up to when I was graduating undergraduate school. They seem so funny now, but I remember calling my Dad a bit stressed and asking "When do I have to pay my taxes again now that I am in the real world?" also, "What is a mortgage? I know I need one to buy a house, but I don't know what it is or even how to get it. Why didn't they teach me that here, I had 4 years?" 

One of our many awesome Startup Drugz' community member companies (Singular Sound) has found a scientific way to make your entrepreneurial brain sharper while you have fun in your precious little downtime.

Their hot gadget puts 300 of the worlds best drummers at your service to help increase your gray matter, creativity, and overall brain performance.

Does your startup's growth rate relate to your team's courage? The short answer is yes....

Time. Cannot. Be. Managed. And. Work. Life. Balance. Is. Unattainable.

Every entrepreneur out there knows that time is money. Time is the most valuable commodity in the world because it cannot be managed, maintained, regained, or stopped.

It is the only commodity you and everyone around you has in equal amounts each day. It is the only asset or raw material that can never be recouped once it is spent. As the famous Metallica lyric goes "For whom the bell tolls...Time marches on."



Real talk with real entrepreneurs on their real tactics, struggles, stories, and lessons learned. Peer-to-Peer, naked conversations and no-hype. This podcast will take your day-in-day-out results up a level with each episode and have you addicted to your own new levels of potential being made into reality! Hosted by Chris J Snook.

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