Entrepreneurship is the ultimate proving ground for your mental toughness, your professional skill, personal development, and physical endurance and ability to resiliently handle abnormal quantities of stress, rejection, and being misunderstood.

Successful entrepreneurs ultimately relish in the daily challenge this provides them (even if they simultaneously feel like they hate it). Like all elite athletes or professional sports what makes the game of building your business so much fun is the fact that at times, it feels like everyone or everything is trying to stop you from getting your goal. It is similar to why many people love to watch or play team sports. For instance, American Football is a fun game to watch because 11 people are lined up on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage solely to prevent you from gaining any yards or scoring a touchdown or field goal. If this wasn't the case then nobody would watch or want to play football, because it would be just one person with a ball sprinting down a field into the endzone for 3 hours. 

The key thing successful entrepreneurs have mastered is how to focus on the outcome they desire and creatively navigate, twist, turn, evade, and bullrush the obstacles in their way until they achieve it. Learning to FIND-THE-YES is what separates winners from losers in the game of business and arguably the game of life. Here are a handful of mental and tactical hacks to finding the yes

1) Cultivate genuine relationships early and often and give first (generously) and without expectation of immediate gain or any gain at all directly from that effort. Give your best stuff (ideas, energy, empathy, relationships) freely to those you deem worthy of it and build a war chest of genuine relationships of value. 

2) Be willing to receive others generosity humbly and respectfully take massive action on any to follow up regardless of where it leads or how much immediate fit there may be for you personally. 

3) Once you have grounded or re-cemented your business and personal brand in a habit of generosity, you can now practically attack the near term goal (i.e. more sales, recruiting new talent, etc.) to your business in compounding and sustainable way. The reason why is because we attract to our business who we are, not who we want. This doesn't mean if you are generous that others won't from time to time take advantage of you, it just means that when the scores net out, you will find the majority of your interactions fall on the positive vs negative side. 

4) Remind yourself of the simple truth that almost every "yes" ever given has been handed to you as a "problem to solve". Very rarely is the "yes" laying on the open sidewalk unencumbered waiting for you to pick it up. 

Finding the yes, means being able to rapidly assess which problems you can help to solve for someone else with your solution, energy, and talent in the same time frame as you need, while also stacking future yesses in the pipeline and prioritizing follow-ups and action items accordingly. 

In other words. Every yes begins as a NO. No simply means "Not now" or "Not clear" and if you can get really good at sorting versus selling the solvable problems from the unsolvable problems of others and lead with generosity in your relationships you will consistently be able to find the yesses in your business when you need them the most. 

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