Anyone who has been building businesses, investing in entrepreneurs, or both for any length of time begins to learn the nuances to their own magic formula for success and also can rapidly identify where those ingredients got out of balance doing the post mortem analysis when faced with a setback or failure.

However, this isn't a game of just X's and O's, because there are real impacts, real benefits and costs, and real people involved across the relationship spectrum of each entrepreneur.

I will be diving deeper into the psychological benefits and costs of this way of life in our forthcoming new podcast (Increase The Dosage) each and every week with peers from this community, because I sense and know that this beautiful game we all play also takes its toll on each of us from time to time and it can sometimes feel as if nobody else understands.

The 3 biggest assets we can cultivate in ourselves as we build businesses are 1) A true sense of gratitude for all that we have in the present moment. This is especially important to cultivate early and often and when times are good because where gratitude is the ultimate weapon to defend your ability to stay in this game is during the bad times.

2)The second one is humility because it is always far better to be humbled by yourself than someone else, and time has shown me anyway that if you play this game long enough you will be humble more than anticipated by circumstances or conditions that aren't directly within your control. Your and my ability to humble ourselves without going into self-pity will be where our greatest long term strength and ability to endure and emerge victorious time and again will come from.

3) The third biggest asset to develop ongoingly is a deep sense of self-awareness. 

There are 7 Levels of Awareness to move your way through as you journey down this life-long pursuit of maximizing your personal and business potential. They are summarized briefly below really well by the legendary performance coach Bob Proctor who has been studying and teach entrepreneurs how to elevate their awareness for the last 60 years. Watch and enjoy this 36 minute tutorial on how you can raise yours!