How many more photo filter apps or social networks do we need? We think the answer is 0. What we need is real innovation and entrepreneurs willing to take big risks and try crazy things.

This is why we created our new blog series called “Future Unicorns”. We are going to give our best and most innovative ideas away for free. You’re welcome!

Today’s idea is a real winner and something the market desperately needs. We realized that there was a big problem in the world. So many Nigerian Princes are struggling to give away their fortunes or their families fortunes to hard working internet users around the world. Unfortunately, they can’t give away their money unless someone pays the taxes or fees required.

So we came up with a game changing idea. We are going to create a crowdfunding platform to take advantage of these incredible deals. The ROI on these deals is incredible! Last week we were offered a deal via email (where the Prince used a truly beautiful purple font). Here are the details:

  • The Prince had $750 million in gold that needs to be sent to the US
  • In order to get it to the US he needs a US citizen to pay the $10,000 in fees and taxes
  • He was willing to give $50 million of the $750 million to anyone who could pay the $10k
  • We “prowd funded” the $10k with 10 people
  • Each person received $5 million for their $1k investment
  • That’s a whopping 499900% ROI

We are currently looking into 2 new deals, which you can see in the screenshots below. Both look amazing and totally legit!

If you want to be part of the next big thing in the startup world then let us know in the comments below. We’ve already poached the best engineers in the world from Snapchat, Facebook, MagicLeap and Kickstarter to help us build the Prowd Funder platform. We have $5 million to burn, so we can afford it!

We are offering all our employees incredible perks like free rides to the Moon thanks to SpaceX and 240 days of paid vacation. Pretty awesome right?