A Guest blog post by @startupdrugz community member Gus Van Dender, Founder of CNNECTED.com

As a proud community member of Startup Drugz and the founder of Cnnected, I get a chance to talk about the topic of culture day in and day out with entrepreneurs and leaders of small and large enterprises. With that being said, I was really struck by some of the golden nuggets that came from this brief interview I had last week with Chris J Snook (Managing Partner at Launch Haus) and his answers the 3 questions I ask all of our clients. I believe that some of his answers can help you think about this important topic and unlock its game-changing potential in your business. 

Cnnected's platform and team, work every day to help positively transform communications, culture, and workflows inside of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries so this interview and the takeaways below are our effort to share with you some insightful comments to start your day off more powerfully. 

TL:DR (Watch the full-replay of my podcast interview with Chris J Snook)


5 Key Takeaways from my interview with Chris J Snook on company culture:

1) Culture is nothing more than group habit.

2) Culture just IS. It is only good or bad when you compare it to something else and some result that you are endeavoring to achieve. 

3) Culture is never absent from your organization, it is there either by design or by default.

4) Culture (like all habits) can be changed, but only if you replace it with a new habit. In times of stress, crisis, or adversity, human beings revert to habit. Therefore, if you want to know what your actual culture is, look at your organization when things go wrong. 

5) Culture is the Game Changer 

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