Business cards were used since the 15th century in China, but they came more in the limelight from the 17th century in Europe. Since then, business cards are still valued even in the digitally advanced world.

In modern times, creativity has become one of the essential strategies used by agencies to attract valuable customers. These cards are more often shared in public events and meetings. But not all such cards are kept after-the-fact with most of them are being thrown away. The one with a unique idea and design is the one that will be kept safely by people.

Your business card should not only be kept by people. Your business card should be a convincing one. It should turn the people into your clients and customers.

Do you know that more than 85% of the business cards are just torn and thrown away?

Either in the United States or anywhere else in the world, if you want your business card to stand out from others’, then you surely need to read this article where we are going to share the best business card ideas that will be a massive trend in 2020.

The best business card ideas for 2020

If you have not found the perfect design for your business card yet or if you want to upgrade your old and traditional business card, then here you will be able to learn about the trends that are going to work for 2020.

Do you know that 90% of the people judge a business and its background just by looking at the visiting card?

Get ready to increase your business and income with some unique ideas of business cards. Creativity is the smarter way to gain more attention to business. Here are some designs that will help your business or start-up grow more by just using a business card in 2020.

1) Textured cards

Cards with different surface rather than a plain and simple one is going to be a hit this year. The physical touch to your card becomes more attractive and, thus, can be an engaging idea to attract an audience.

2) Shimmer or glossy cards

These types of cards are mostly associated with businesses like that of astrology, salon, boutiques, etc. But because even these professions are highly in demand and people have accepted them, it becomes a responsibility to keep attracting your audience towards your venture.

3) Matte dual-color cards

We have seen a positive response towards a matte finish. From mobile covers to now business cards, matte is one of the preferred choices. Matte finishes business cards with just two contrasting colors that can add a lot of elegance to your visiting cards.

4) Heavy Cardstock

This design is usually related to using premium quality material for your business card. It can also make your business card look luxurious. The color of this visiting card is elementary, like the tones of Brown or shades of Black and Grey, yet they look incredibly high-end.

5) Die-cut card

To do your business and to make your visiting card look more aesthetic. This type of card will surely give you the best clients ever. It lets you show your creativity through the design you choose, and eventually, more of the people will be able to relate. Such cards have proved beneficial to the business lines of the art gallery, chefs, fashion studios, etc.

6) Painted edges

A minimal card with contrast and the striking color is a simple yet funky way to show your coolness. Business start-ups by young men have an excellent chance to attract the audience through this design.

7) Unique shaped cards

The shape of a book for proofreaders or the shape of a knife for chefs is very distinctive designs that can be used to design a business card. Such designs quickly make people understand what business is all about.

Color psychology of a business card

Color psychology plays a vital role in the decision making of a human brain. People tend to react differently to various colors is what psychologists believe.

Let us help you decide the best business card colors that will help you grow your business.

  • White is the most chosen color when it comes to designing visiting cards. But all of you might be aware that it is no more attractive. White is the safe and conservative color, but at the same time, it won’t make your business card stand out from that of others.
  • Black suggests sophistication, passion, and makes anything look elegant. If you want to keep your business card minimal yet super-attractive, then Black, along with just another single color, will make up for the right choice. Colors like yellow, beige, etc. go very well with Black.
  • Neons, pinks, blues, reds, etc. can be used as quirky colors. There’s a lot that one can design on these colors. If you have owned a start-up, then using these colors can be a great option to attract more youngsters towards your business.

What not to do on a business card?

1) Do not add a lot of information

A business card has to be kept minimal. Your information has to be precise and on point. No one would be interested in reading a long data of yours. Minimal but required info on a business card is going to be of utmost importance.

2) Do not use a regular design

The business cards that have attractive colors, fonts, and designs have a special place at people’s desks. Unique the design, more people tend to get attracted to your business.

3) Do not add multiple colors

Even business cards follow the color psychology. Well-known businesses use these tactics to turn visitors into clients. The color of your business card decides the kind of message that will be conveyed to your clients. Thus, do not add several colors to your cards.

Use your business card to upgrade your business. These trends are going to be a significant business card trend in 2020. Choose your business card wisely to turn your wise visitors into clients.