Your entrepreneurial experience/age is not equivalent to your chronological or corporate career age. We have met 16-year-old entrepreneurs with more grit, entrepreneurial wisdom, and talent than several 6 or 7-figure 40-somethings we know who've made it in other careers as consultants or corporate executives.

We have also met innumerable 20 or 30 something young hustlers with all the energy, talent, and ambition in the world whose ignorance to the value of 'experience' and too much ego has held them back. Experience can only be earned and not bought. 

Kevin O'Leary is the famous "Mr. Wonderful" persona on ABC's hit show shark tank which no doubt most of our Startup Drugz community has watched religiously in the last several years. He is outspoken about the value of intuition and pattern recognition in this domain that only comes with time in the game. In his earlier years, he rebuked a mentor/advisor who told him that experience had a value that most young founders like him could not understand and that only failure would teach him. Decades later in this clip below from Behind the Brand, he recounts how spot on that advice was and how he makes investment decisions in entrepreneurs today.

You should definitely subscribe to Bryan Elliott's channel "Behind the Brand" for more full-length interviews of this caliber, but here is a clip on today's lesson.