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In this episode, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Chris J. Snook welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur Jeremy Wade. Jeremy is the founding director of the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship and an Assistant Professor at O.P. Jindal Global University. Chris and Jeremy talk about his early career as a bank examiner and the decision to move to India to begin his entrepreneurial journey. Jeremy reflects on the evolution of JSiE and some of the projects he’s worked on, including assisting Tibetan entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Finally, Jeremy provides some sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their own businesses.



Real talk with real entrepreneurs on their real tactics, struggles, stories, and lessons learned. Peer-to-Peer, naked conversations and no-hype. This podcast will take your day-in-day-out results up a level with each episode and have you addicted to your own new levels of potential being made into reality! Hosted by Chris J Snook.

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