In this episode, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Chris J. Snook welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur Jeremy Wade. Jeremy is the founding director of the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship and an Assistant Professor at O.P. Jindal Global University. Chris and Jeremy talk about his early career as a bank examiner and the decision to move to India to begin his entrepreneurial journey. Jeremy reflects on the evolution of JSiE and some of the projects he’s worked on, including assisting Tibetan entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Finally, Jeremy provides some sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their own businesses.



01:01 – Introducing today’s guest, Jeremy Wade
02:32 – Jeremy’s roots and backstory
04:08 – How Jeremy ended up in Pittsburg State in Kansas
04:53 – Jeremy’s educational background
05:34 – Working for the United States Treasury Department
10:08 – Jeremy speaks to his role as a bank examiner
12:20 – The moment Jeremy realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur
14:04 – The decision to move to India to become an entrepreneur
19:53 – Jeremy describes the first time he experienced feelings of doubt regarding his decision
24:08 – The inspiration to start the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship (JSiE)
27:10 – How Jeremy pitched the idea to launch a startup within a university
32:09 – Supporting Tibetan entrepreneurs 
36:41 – The evolution of JSiE
39:07 – Emotions Jeremy felt when his business became scalable and viable
41:18 – Next steps for Jeremy’s entrepreneurial journey
42:51 – Designing massive online courses on social enterprise
45:43 – Bringing in partners and sponsors
48:15 – Chris summarizes some data from Jeremy’s courses
49:53 – Jeremy’s upcoming initiatives
52:36 – Advice Jeremy would give to his younger self
55:45 – Advice Jeremy would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs
1:01:24 – Where listeners can connect with Jeremy



“I was thinking long term, long term perspective. Ya know, ‘Where can I add value, contribute over the course of my career?’ And that’s I think what led me to where I’m at today.” (13:07)

“Things come very easy in the U.S. and, a place like India, things don’t come so easy.” (22:13)

“The very first thing we did, actually, is the thing that’s probably the most interesting thing we’re still doing is supporting Tibetan entrepreneurs.” (33:10)

“I think that the nature of being an entrepreneur is there’s no such thing as permanence. The only permanence is whether or not you’re going to continue to adapt.” (40:34)

“Don’t get so attached, if you can, to short term outcomes. Think about the process as much as possible.” (56:28)



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