We are presently living through the largest era of fake entrepreneurship in the history of humanity. Twenty years ago it wasn't a "thing" to be an entrepreneur. 

Make no mistake, I believe that the world needs more "real" entrepreneurs and 90 percent of all our philanthropic work at Launch Haus focuses on helping develop new founders globally. Yet at the same time, we have put being an entrepreneur on this glamorous pedestal that will have a generation of young people dangerously disheartened and feeling lost during the next downturn when reality strikes and revenue and operating cash flow count more than "lifestyle photos" and "likes" on social media.

Since Startup Drugz is about nurturing the success and community of "real" entrepreneurs (both proven ones and aspiring up and comers) I wanted to take this post to focus on the one trait (or mental muscle) that is dominantly present in all those who achieve lasting success. It ties directly to our message of "Dream BIG, Hustle Harder" because although dreams and ideas matter, they are meaningless if you cannot harness the power of your Will to execute in spite of circumstances, adversities, or economic conditions. Every one of us has a Will. Like all muscles, however, the amount of its power to move mountains depends on your daily use and effort to maintain and grow its strength. Below are the paradigms you must immediately let go of, along with a few practical ways that you can cultivate your willpower on a daily basis.

Before you get started I will leave you with this one truth that separates wannapreneurs from the real entrepreneurs. All of you are co-creators of this world and shared experience we all have as part of humanity. You are "ABLE" to achieve anything you can conceive of, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE ALSO WILLING! Willingness is carried out by the application of your personal Will in the direction of your goals regardless of circumstances, constraints, or conditions. 








1) Life is not fair and you have to stop acting like it is and complaining when it isn't.

2) You don't ever get what you deserve. You will always get what you expect. 

3)  Your present results are the aggregate output of your prior thinking, efforts, and accepted expectations. To shift your results you must first elevate your thinking and minimum acceptable standards (expectations) and then harness the Will to a laser focus on nothing less. Your body will follow where your heart and mind give their utmost attention.

4) Humans never lack in potential, but unsuccessful people are stricken with the poverty of imagination and weakness in their attention. 

5) Real entrepreneurs create and grind and strive because it is where they get their breath and not because they are trying to impress other people. Wannapreneurs just get high off of attention and sometimes the easiest way to get people's attention long term is to 'struggle' or 'pretend to try'. Winning gets people's attention but also comes with far more responsibility and pressure so it's often more desirable to "want to win" than to actually do it.

A Daily Exercise For the Next 90 Days (5 min):

Sit down or lie facing a lit candle approximately 10 feet away from you (across the room). Focus your attention on the flame and just watch it. Set your phone timer for 5minutes and hit "start".

-As your mind wanders (which it will) just catch yourself and re-focus on the flame.

-It matters not how many times your mind wanders. As soon as you notice it, just re-focus your eyes and attention on the candle. 

-Do this once per day for the next 90 days and you will have developed more Willpower than you have in the last decade and start to see the results show up in your business.